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Debut-Single „Later“ by Leander Machan (feat. Milan Grafweg): „Aiming for that Goosebumps“
Close your eyes and dive into the world that the chorus of Leander Machan’s debut-single draws. Straight into his world of “Later“. Si=ng on a roo>op on a late summer evening, singing of swayin’ tress and doves that sail like boats on the water. An idyl? Not in the slightest! “I have to move on“ it says in the Chorus. It treats nothing less but personality-development and conscious self-reflecIon.
Even today: More than 20 own songs of the just 17-years old Musician living nearby Düsseldorf are already composed. What they all have in common: They are disIncIve and have a very own, self- conscious touch. References to the legendary US-group “Toto“ or the Singer/Songwriter John Mayer may be remarked, but only concerning the matureness of the composiIons as well as the professional outline and structure of Leander’s music. Feelgood-Pop with high standards.
‚Later' marks the debut-single of Leander Machan, the first EP is to follow in autumn 2021. He demands of himself: “My music is aimed to create goosebump-moments.“ Further: “The lyrics I compose and the melodies I write are only pursued if they catch me. My songs shall move the listeners’ hearts at first glance but nonetheless reverb in their minds for long.“
“Later" was created on the very first jam-session with guitarist Milan Grafweg. The both knew themselves from earlier work in a cover-band but wanted to create something new, something that lasts.
Leander Machan advised Grafweg to start with a disInct groovy riff whilst Leander just lay some chords below. The fundament as well as the text were then set in between six hours... marking a starIng point for the detail-work and a sIll ongoing creaIon of harmony.
‚Later‘ is telling the personal life-story of the growing-up Leander Machan, the personal-development that was to enhance his life. Besides by Milan Grafweg (guitars, add-ons) Leander Machan (piano, vocals, songwriIng) is supported by Noah Bugalski (bass, mixing) and Nick Lobe (drums, and entertainer). The four musicians around the age of 20 that 17-years old Leander Machan coordinates do interact by heart, even though everyone pursues his own musical goals and styles. Machan: „Four of the most brilliant musicians and even beier humans, that aim to perform as good as they possibly can, songs that are thought through carefully.“
So what is next? In Autumn “Later“ will be followed by the first own EP and a music-video. Several live-performances are planned as well as a portrait in a tv-show.
Leander Machan Music/Machan Media Leander Fynn Machan/Matthias M. Machan
Phone: 0176. 10 633 730
Machan Media Postal: 10 21 26 42765 Haan

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