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Hellou! I am Richi, half argentinian half hungarian dude with a brasilian father. I am drummer, but I play many instruments (no academic musician) and last years I focused more into electronic music (software and hardware). I do have a band called Globalivity in Germany, (in which I sing and play guitar), but as I live in Austria I am searching for another project in Vienna. My objective would be to achieve a mixture of: cumbia (latinamerican), reggae and ska, all mixed with electronic music. I know it is a challange, but if we reach this mix, it would be something completely new and crazy for live shows =) 

For this projects, I do have some songs and ideas. I would need a drumer (mix of acutstic and pads would be amazing), guitarist, bass (this has to be very groovie), brasses (sax, trombone and trumpet), and synths or sequencers. 

What do you think!? =) 

Thanks for reading me!




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