Band is looking for Guitarists (Celtic Folk&Folk-Metal)

Hey folks! I'm Vlatios, the founder of this project where I play drums and compose music. Now I'm looking for musicians around Fribourg and Bern to form a band. It's Pagan Folk and Folk-Metal music based (mostly) on Celtic and Nordic atmosphere full of love and admiration for Nature and Universe. The first demo EP is already released which is a good starting point for live and studio work. Once we're formed, we can re-record it with lyrics and our own vision. At the same time we'll begin our work on the new material together. I have the equipment to record our stuff, we'll just need to find a place for rehearsals. Waiting for your applications here or on the other social media. Peace :) EP:


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  • Melodic Death Metal


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Mapoi Tarani



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1700 Fribourg

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