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Frequently asked questions

You can find potential new band members here via the musician search. If you already know which type of musicians or instruments you are looking for, feel free to browse through the results.

Here’s an example:

Looking for a guitarist for your band in Berlin? Then enter “Guitarist” in the “Who?” search field, and “Berlin” in the “Where?” field. Now you can see available guitarists in Berlin and the surrounding area, and contact them directly.

Are you a singer looking for a band? Simply enter “band” and the location where for your search musician search above and browse through the suggestions.


The red circle around a profile picture indicates whether a band is looking for additional musicians. By clicking on it you can quickly see whether a band is looking for a singer.

The best way to find other musicians is online, right here on mukken’s musician portal. Musicians from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland meet here and are eager to connect. Try it out! The musician search can be used by everyone free of charge.

Step one is to find a suitable band in your area. That’s where the mukken search portal comes in! Discover bands that interest you and see if they’re on the hunt for new band members. If so, register for free and get in touch. If you're lucky, you'll soon be able to meet up for your first rehearsal together!

You can find hobby musicians using—you guessed it—our musician portal! You are welcome to use our musician search and filter results by instrument or by city.

Whether guitarist, drummer, singer, pianist or background dancer, well over 1,000 hobby musicians are registered here—see if there is something for you!