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Self-taught learning is great - but if you want to make music seriously and be successful with it, it makes sense to have a professional by your side, especially in the beginning. Music teachers are available at music schools, privately or at schools. The most important thing when looking for a teacher is that you have the right chemistry! Now you don't really know where to start looking? Then you've come to the right place. Just enter your city and music genre and you can choose the professional who suits you best!

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Important facts and questions

Music teachers, as the name suggests, teach music. This can happen in many different forms in many different places. There are the classical music teachers in schools who teach their classes the most important things about music, from history to theory to practice. Then there are music teachers who teach a specific instrument. You can find them at music schools or as private music teachers. Most of them have a degree in music and are professionals on their instrument. As a rule, they teach all possible age groups. From toddlers to teenagers to late beginners. Here, too, the lessons are usually divided into practice and theory.

If you want to teach at a school, you should opt for a teaching degree. There are also more and more career changers, but they also need different training and further education. Those who want to teach at a music school or privately are somewhat freer in their choice of training. Many study their instrument and/or music education at a conservatoire. Training in this area is also possible. The term music teacher is currently not legally protected. This means that, in theory, anyone can call themselves a music teacher and practise the profession (even without the corresponding training). However, we would like to recommend that you complete a degree or training course before you start working as a music teacher. Also, at many music schools you will not have a chance without studying or training.

Music teachers can work in schools, music schools or as self-employed. The latter usually work at home, in a rented studio or rent a room in a music school or similar.

You can be a freelance music teacher. It depends on the form in which you practise the profession. Music teachers at schools and music schools are classically employed. However, if you want to teach privately or offer your services to music schools or other institutions, you are considered a freelancer. In this case, you may be interested in the Künstlersozialkasse. You can take out insurance there and have several other advantages.

Music teachers are sought either directly by institutions such as schools or music schools, or by potential students. Anyone who wants to learn an instrument can be looking for music teachers. If you want to be found by these potential students, this is exactly the right place. Here you can create an advertisement about your services or write directly to those who are looking for you.

Of course, you can become a musician without music lessons. However, there are some basics that are best learned from professionals. Basic music theory, the characteristics of your instrument, the right posture or the right techniques for singing are of enormous importance. Especially if you play your instrument a lot or sing a lot, you will save your vocal cords or your body from bad posture and overexertion. In addition, music teachers can give you valuable tips and correct you again and again from the outside. No YouTube video can do that, and certainly not you yourself.

As a salaried music teacher at a music school, you can earn between 2,500 and 5,500 euros gross on average with the corresponding degree.

As a music teacher at a grammar school, you can earn on average between 4,000 and 7,500 euros gross (head teacher level).

Unfortunately, the term music teacher is not yet a protected term. Accordingly, theoretically anyone can call themselves a music teacher. In principle, however, someone is considered to be a serious music teacher if they have completed a degree or training in music. In principle, however, anyone who teaches people music can also call themselves a music teacher.