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You write music and are ready to record it professionally? Do you want your songs to finally see the light of day? Then a professional music producer can be a great support. Although there are now various ways to record your music yourself at home, it really only gets better in a professional recording studio. Music producers have not learned and perfected their job over the years for nothing. Here on mukken you can find music producers in your city and connect with them directly:

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Are you looking for a music producer? We offer a range of options, products and tools to help you find the right music producer.

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Important facts and questions

The tasks as a music producer are many and varied. In addition to songwriting and arranging, the main tasks include recording, mixing, mixing and mastering music. Of course, music producers always work closely with musicians and should therefore be good at dealing with people.

Above all, music producers should have a very good feeling for music and a good ear. Because of the close contact with musicians, they should be good at dealing with people. Most music producers are also proficient in at least one, if not several instruments. Music producers should also be technically proficient and have good recording skills for different programmes and sound technology.

There are both training courses and degree programmes that allow you to become a music producer. For example, you can study Deutschen Popakademie, the Hofa-College or the SRH. The Hofa-College also offers distance learning courses. Many music producers are also career changers and have previously worked as musicians or sound engineers.

The salary of music producers can vary greatly. So much so that it can range from a small part-time job to a very well-paid job. The basis is the order situation. The more music producers have made a name for themselves, the more musicians want to entrust them with their music. An average salary is between 3500 and 4500 euros gross per month.

Music producers work mainly in the recording studio. But the band rehearsal room can also become a place of work, depending on how extensively the musicians are supervised. There are also jobs in music, film, TV and dubbing studios. Other areas include post-production, film scoring and composition, advertising and the software and game industry.

There are many different ways to do an internship as a music producer. The best thing to do is to ask larger and smaller studios and apply on your own initiative. However, it is often difficult to get an internship without previous experience. You should therefore be able to shine with musical skills and initial experience. Sometimes it can also be worthwhile to look at the usual job portals, where internships as a music producer are often advertised.

There are many talented and successful music producers in this world. Among them are:

  • John Williams
  • Rick Rubin
  • Dr Dre
  • Quincy Jones
  • Tony Visconti
  • George Martin
  • Berry Gordy
  • Max Martin
  • Nile Rodgers
  • Prince
  • Brian Eno
  • Hans Zimmer
  • Phil Spector
  • Jimmy lovine
  • Brian Wilson

Which software is best for you depends on your needs and skills. The best known and therefore the best are PreSonus, Ableton Live, Image Line and Steinberg Cubase. Logic and Pro Tools are also popular. By the way, we introduced the programme Ableton Live in our blog.

The price range for music producers can range from quite affordable to very expensive. It depends on whether, for example, only one song or an entire album is to be produced, what is to be done from mixing to mastering, or what equipment is to be used. The price range can go from less than 100 euros to five-figure sums.