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perfect match

Are you wondering whether you are already far enough musically and instrumentally to play with others, or whether your ideas and wishes for playing together are realistic and feasible? How do you find your way in the jungle of pieces and styles of music? Which instruments go together?
We get to the bottom of these questions in a personal consultation. In order to be able to assess your musical and instrumental skills, we can play music together for a short time or you can play/sing me a piece from your repertoire. Based on your experiences and ideas, I will show you how you can implement your musical wishes and find suitable fellow musicians.

First contact

Are you still inexperienced in playing together and want support from an experienced musician for your first musical steps?
I am happy to be there at your first meeting and help you to overcome initial insecurities. If you wish, I can organize a rehearsal room, provide suitable sheet music and give you tips for a successful interaction.

next level

Do you regularly play together in an ensemble and want to improve your teamwork or expand your repertoire? Are you looking for suitable sheet music for the next level?
In a joint coaching, I determine the current situation, advise you on sheet music and repertoire and show you potential for development. I support you in improving your teamwork and taking it to the next level.

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