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In addition to the terms of use, the following principles apply to advertisements and contact.
Advertisements or posts that violate applicable law or mukken's principles will be removed from the platform.

Basic information on creating advertisements and making contact

  • The general rule:

    Place your ad in the location where your band, artist or merchandise is located or from which you provide the range of services - i.e., the headquarters of your company - or where the profession is carried out. Your ad appears in the selected location and in the category and can also be found across Europe using the keyword or area search.

    Only post your ad once. Showing duplicates is not allowed. This also includes advertisements that, despite any differentiation, contain the same offer / request.

    Summarize your offer in one ad.

    Please offer a specific offer or search advertisement, product or service. The product or service must be clearly described in the headline and ad text.

    Only offer products that you own.

    Only use your own photos and texts.

    Give a realistic price.

    Write your ads in German or English. For advertisements in a different language, please add an English translation.

    The same user or company may post ads using only one cell phone number. However, it is allowed to use a private and a commercial account. In this case, the same user can register for two mobile numbers.

  • The following is not allowed:

    A link to a website may only be mentioned in the ad text or in a message if it serves as further information on the item, service or job offered on mukken.

    The specification of a website in the advertising text or via message is also not permitted if:

    - the content of which violates legal regulations or common decency

    - the operator of the website does not agree to the linking

    - this leads to auctions, classified ads or general offers from mukken's competitors or “URL shorteners” are used.

    The specification of contact details such as the Facebook account, Skype name, telephone number, etc. in the description text.

    Placing pure advertising for websites, portals or companies

    Keyword spam; i.e., the accumulation of search words that are not directly related to the ad

    Posting personals and activities with a sexual background

    It is not permitted to insert nude or pornographic images in advertisements.

    Please pay attention to the formulation of the ad text and avoid inappropriate language, abuse, warnings, notes or calls.


    A paid advertisement that violates the principles or the terms of use of mukken or legal regulations or the rights of third parties will be deleted. If paid ads are removed from the site due to a violation, the ad fees will not be refunded.

Prohibited items, jobs, and services

mukken aims to bring music makers and those interested in music together. mukken therefore sees itself exclusively as a platform for everything in the large, colorful world of music. In order to be able to maintain this focus, it is only permitted on mukken to publish advertisements and contributions that have something to do with music (services, jobs, products such as musical instruments / music equipment). There are other platforms for everything else.

Furthermore, trading in products is only permitted as long as it does not violate laws, the rights of third parties and mukken's terms of use.

Special obligations for commercial providers

If you, as a commercial or business provider, offer goods or services to mukken, you are subject to special legal regulations. Please make sure that your ads meet the legal requirements. More information can be found here.

Intellectual property protection

Authorized persons, in particular owners of copyrights, trademarks or other property rights, can report offers that violate their rights and request their removal. If a legal representative of the authorized person reports this to us correctly, we will remove the offer(s) that violate property rights or copyrights.