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I'm passionate about playing the electric bass , and have been for a number of years. That's exactly why I want to join or start a group (no beginners) based on my genre favorites (swing, jazz standards, blues, bossa, tango). But I also like to make musical excursions into related genres.
The group can be of more mature age, because my approach is to play good quality music. This also includes rehearsals, which can be weekly or fortnightly. There is a rehearsal room with jazz guitar, harps, of course electric bass, microphones, mixer and vocal system. The distance between the musicians should be acceptable. The greater St. Pölten area comes to mind.
Good songs have accumulated with the JZ, but each player can/should bring in their favorite pieces.
So far I've played with line-ups: guitars, violin, double bass, harp, vocals - solo and polyphonic, drums. What has been missing so far are wind instruments.
After working out a flawless set list, I also like to play in performances - I've gained enough experience there.
My starting instrument (after the piano in my youth) was the guitar, so I played rhythm and lead guitar in a gypsy swing group for years. I'm self-taught on all the instruments I play. The accordion has been added to my current group, and I use the blues harp when necessary. We mainly play our own compositions with dialect singing.
I would be very happy if musicians would be found where I could play my share as a bassist!

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