Late bloomer is looking for people to jam and/or other ''beginners'' to start a band with

Hey everyone :) I've been playing electric guitar since August last year and it's time to broaden my horizons.. so I'm here looking for people who would like to jam with me. Of course, what would be even cooler would be if there were other beginners who wanted to start a band. Briefly about me: I'm Felix, I'm 27 years old and live in Rösrath. Is a small town almost directly at the foot of Cologne. I discovered singing when I was 12 or so after I bought the first CD of my life. ( Chris Brown Album ) When I was able to try out Guitar Hero and real musical instruments at a friend's house, my desire to be a musician was strengthened. Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to take singing / instrumental lessons as a child. My mum was just fed up with me signing up for a new sports club or something like that every week. Understandable as I haven't gone anywhere more than 1.2 times. And so my dream fell into oblivion while growing up. Thank god life sent me on the musical path after all. It has nothing in common with the music I love today, but techno made it possible. However, after I went from dancer to DJ, and from DJ to Ableton producer junkie, my passion for techno slowly evaporated again. The scene and the parties just weren't for me anymore. Therefore there was no more motivation to continue doing techno. An unfulfilling time without music and a lost love later, a buddy sent me on the Nirvana trip, which reminded me that I haven't just been haphazardly dragging through life my whole life. I had a plan when I was a kid, and now it's time to implement it! :) If you want to jam, always put it in my inbox. And the beginners who would like to play in a band, especially I wish you something
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