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What would a band be without someone to provide a catchy beat? Good drummers in a band bring dynamic, flow, and fullness to the sound. Together, drums and bass form the foundation of every song and are indispensable in many music projects. Does your band need someone who can play the drums really well? Or are you looking for drummers who can put the finishing touches on your project? Then you've come to the right place:

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Are you looking for a drummer? We offer you numerous options, products and tools to help you find the right drummer. You will also find out interesting things about drums, e.g. how to learn to play the drums, what the best drum kit is or how much you earn as a drummer.

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Important facts and questions

You can learn to play the drums in two ways: with the help of a drum teacher or self-teaching. We always recommend that true beginners learn the basics from a professional. You can take drum lessons at a music school or look for private drum teachers. Here on mukkenyou will find, for example, not only musicians, but also music teachers.

Professional drum teachers have usually have completed a degree or corresponding training and know exactly what they need to look for to ensure that you learn the basics of drumming efficiently. If you want to learn drums on your own there are many textbooks available. But tutorials, for example on YouTube or in special apps, can also help you learn. We’ve got you covered with a list of the best drum-learning apps in this blog post.

Basically, you can start on any drum set. However, children should be given a beginner's drum set that is adapted to their size.

The size of the bass drum is crucial here. For example, a bass drum size of 18 inches is recommended for children over seven. For adult beginners, a bass drum size of 22 inches is often recommended. Generally speaking, you don't need an expensive brand-name drum set, especially at the beginning. An inexpensive one is sufficient, such as the Startone Star Drum Set Studio, which costs just under 200 euros.

The XDrum Rookie 22'' Standard is also a perfectly adequate complete set for beginners. If you don't want to invest in your own drum kit, you can also rent one. Many music schools offer instrument rental. You should also consider whether you would like to have a normal drum set or electric drums at home, so that you can still practise with headphones when the neighbours want peace and quiet.

If you decide to play drums professionally, your drums will become your daily companion and should therefore be chosen carefully. Your drum kit has to fit you. The "one best drum kit for everyone" does not exist.

Nevertheless, we can of course give a few tips on which drums are popular with advanced drummers. Try them out, play different sets and find your perfect instrument. Advanced players should also pay special attention to the cymbals and choose a set with a good sound. One example of a set with good quality and a strong sound is the Stage Custom Studio Set from Yamaha. The Pearl EXX725BR/C Export Jet Black also comes highly recommended. As a third tip, we can recommend the Tama Superstar Classic Kit 22.

There are many drum brands in the world. Below we’ve listed some bigger brands that are known for their quality. That being said, it is also worth giving smaller brands a shot, because what doesn't fit so well with others could be your perfect drum match. Here are some of the well-known brands:

  • Pearl
  • Mapex
  • Gretsch
  • Sonor
  • Tama
  • Wahan
  • Yamaha
  • Roland

You can either take drum lessons at a music school or with private drum teachers. Especially for the beginning, we would recommend taking lessons to learn the basics properly, to understand the necessary music theory and to benefit from the repertoire knowledge of your teachers.

Whether you should take drum lessons at a music school or with private teachers depends on how and in what environment you want to learn drums. For example, if you can motivate yourself well, you might even consider taking lessons online. If you need a lot of support, you are in good hands with private teachers. Of course, your budget is a factor to consider. Music schools can often offer their lessons cheaper than private teachers. In addition, you often benefit from rental systems and don't have to buy your own instrument. You are also usually guaranteed rehearsal rooms and substitute teachers. Private drum teachers, on the other hand, can often act more flexibly and respond to you in more detail. You can find many private drum teachers and their offers here on mukken.

Those looking to buy a drum kit for the first time are often at a loss when faced with the many variations and configurations available to drummers. The basic framework usually consists of a snare drum, bass drum, toms, hi-hat, and cymbals.

These components are found in just about every drum kit. After that, a drum set can be expanded almost endlessly. Which drum set is right for you also depends on which style you want to play primarily. There are smaller jazz drum kits, beginner and child-friendly fusion drum kits, rock drum kits with a strong bass drum or very classic all-rounder drum kits. Of course, there are also electric drums.

Common among all successful drummers are both a sense of rhythm and great coordination. In a band, the drums, together with the bass, provide the fundamental framework for a full and tight sound.

Good drummers should also be calm and composed. In an emergency the drummer should be able to provide the band with a beat and hold them together with rhythm. Patience and perseverance are also qualities of good drummers. Learning to play the drums requires a lot of practice, repetition and rehearsals—take your time to become a successful drummer. Last but not least, you should be open-minded and curious. Listen to different styles and try out tempo, beat, changes, and more.

The drums are one of the loudest instruments you can learn. Even so, your ears are an important tool for interpreting the rest of the band, and maintaining rhythm.

Therefore drummers protect their ears—sometimes with on-ear headphones, but more often with sound-absorbing in-ear headphones, which allow them to hear the other instruments and and themselves at a controlled volume. Guitarists, for example, often have speakers on the on stage. While those are great for the audience, the sound would not come across well enough behind the drums.

Because of this unique situation, special drummer's headphones are used, which are adapted to the higher volume conditions behind a drum kit.

Good drummer’s headphones should feature a sophisticated noise reduction technology and reproduce sounds and instruments as well as possible. In addition they should sit well on or in the ears and should feel comfortable. Here are some of our top picks:

You might have seen drummers sitting behind one or more transparent barriers at a live show or even in the studio. These are used as used as sound catchers.

They can also be used to distribute the sound more evenly in the room, and make it easier for sound engineers to mix the sound perfectly. Also, these barriers in front of the so-called "crosstalk" - that is, a microphone still picks up something. is picking up something other than the instrument or vocalists tuned to the microphone.

The answer to this question naturally changes every so often as new talents conquer the stages.

One current answer is Gereon Homann. He was awarded the "German Rock & Pop Prize" in 2021 by the German Rock & Pop Music Association and “Best Drummer” by the German Pop Foundation.

Currently the fastest drummer in the world is Pritish A R. He comes from Australia and is eleven years old. With the most strokes with sticks in one minute, the eleven-year-old is even in the Guinness Book of Records. Also among the fastest drummers in the world are Thomas Lang, Virgil Donati, Jojo Mayer, Marco Minnemann and Mike Mangini.

The largest drum set in the world was set up in 2020 at a club called "Turock" in Essen and set a world record at the time. Backline company “Gatetohell” constructed the massive set which comprised more than 1,000 elements, including 10 bass drums, 125 cymbals, plus various snares and tom toms. The construction took almost ten hours, with the involvement of the Toten Hosen drum technician, among others.

There are brands that are simply known for the quality of their drums. Here are some of our top picks:

  • Tama
  • Gretsch
  • Yamaha
  • Sonor
  • PDP
  • Ludwig
  • Pearl
  • DW

Playing the drums doesn't have to remain just a hobby. Those who practise a lot and have a certain amount of talent can also earn money with their music. Whether you're a studio drummer, drummer in a band, or a drum teacher, there are several possibilities. We can’t give a general answer about what you’ll earn as the range starts with a small extra income as a teacher and spans to a multi-digit amount as a professional playing in the evening. In general, however, do note:

Playing music is a work of passion. You can only earn big money in exceptional cases.