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Max Ivory Beck Musikproduzent*in

I help artists reach more fans by producing commercially viable urban pop





Mitglied seit: 04 / 09 / 2021


  • Rap
  • Trap
  • Tech House
  • Hard Techno
  • Future Pop
  • Indie-Pop
  • Pop
  • Synthie Pop
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  • E-Gitarre
  • Akustikgitarre
  • Synthesizer

22765 Hamburg

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Hi, i’m Max.

Through my years in music, be it in bands that I've played in or artists I worked with in the studio, I noticed that writing captivating and catchy songs is the basis to get noticed by an audience and connect with them, emotionally.

Lately i noticed a trend where artists buy pre-made beats or DIY their own productions which leads to disappointment, because there's more to writing great songs, than to write lyrics on a pre-made beat.

Lyrics and music need to come together and interact with each other "synergistically" to create a uniform experience that makes listeners feel something and ultimately share this feeling, and the song, with their peers.

And let's be honest, the best of the best out there have a team behind them while they make hits.

I am convinced, that the process of creating catchy songs needs to be a collaborative approach between artist and producer, capturing the magic together that is then transferred on to the listener.

As an online based producer that is all about collaboration i managed to get noticed by international labels and work with artists like MVNA, Brent Williams and Nubio Navabi, as well as opportunities to create content for brands like Slack, Statista, AMA Studios, and HiFi Klubben. 

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